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Own your own piece of paradise...


Outright purchase options available, see stand 1 & 2 on site plan.


Option (1): A four bedroom chalet

Download building plans :

1) Elevation A & D (116,33KB)

2) Elevation B & C (114,29KB)

3) Floorplan (80,44KB)


Option (2): A three bedroom chalet

1) Floorplan (55,24KB)

2) Side elevation (22,90KB)


Ownership Options

Investors wanting to buy a holiday home in Mozambique will be given the opportunity to purchase a 1% share in this recently upgraded Pleasure Bay Resort. Prices range from ZAR 780 000-00 for a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom unit of approxamately 130 sq meters. See site plan stands 10 and 12-18.

An in house finance option  is also available subject to a 50% deposit, 10 year repayment term and fixed annual interest rate of 10%.

This will mean that new owners will  have the security of becoming shareholders in the Development that has obtained the land use certificate (DUAT) as well as have access to the resort facilities such as diving centre, swimming pool, restaurant and kiddie centre. Go to our Frequently Asked Questions page to find more info on the  process.

Timeshare options

Timeshare rights are available

Very few people make full use of their holiday homes all year round. On average a family occupies its vacation or second home only 28 days per year. Maintenance is usually a headache and owning a holiday home may inhibit the desire to explore other holiday destinations.

Timeshare however, allows owners to pay for what they use, enjoy the full benefits, and share the costs of ownership with likeminded peers.

The latest addition of Mozambique Timeshare Regulations now enable us to sell timeshare at Pleasure Bay resort.


Sharing owners will be entitled to a total of 30 days per year for 20 years exclusive use and enjoyment of:

The Chalet: Manatee (See stand 3 on site plan)

  • Measuring approximately 150 m2 in area.
  • A private, fully furnished chalet with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.
  • Private outdoor entertainment area (max 8 persons per chalet).
  • Central entertainment area with open plan living room.
  • Fully equipped kitchen with fridge, freezer, gas stove, microwave, utensils, cutlery etc.
  • Braai / barbeque area
  • House will be fully serviced on a daily basis
  • Access to our Restaurant and Bar.
  • Regular transport to and from the beach with a 4x4 resort vehicle.
  • Access to communal property as delineated within the concession held by the developer.
  • You are entitled to vote at a forum where decisions are made that will have an impact on the use, enjoyment and value of your shared timeshare rights.

Benefits of timeshare at Pleasure Bay include the following:

  • It offers more affordable options of exclusive leisure destinations. Own your holiday destination instead of paying rental or rack rack. Enjoy the benefit of a fully furnished holiday at a fraction of the cost of full ownership.
  • The burden of property management and maintenance is handled professionally by the Home Owners Association. The owner of the resort must provide a bond to the Tourism Regulating Body to guarantee the good management and maintenance of the development to timeshare holders.
  • Expect capital growth on your lifestyle investment as it is directly related to rising property values and the demand for similar products. Leisure destinations have a higher capital growth than average residential properties because of demand. The timeshare right is a fully transferable capital asset that you may sell or bequeath to your heirs.
  • All tourist property developments must be registered and is regulated and accredited by the Regulating Body of the Tourism Authority which controls standards and affords protection to users.
  • The timeshare right is created by public deed  that is subject to entry in the real Property Register. You can earn a rental income on unutilized time through the management company via our Rental Pool.
  • Many timeshare users invest in more than one leisure destination, at the same cost of whole ownership of a single property.
  • Shared ownership applies a simple investment mechanism that is fully transparent, tried and tested and you only pay for what you use while still enjoying the full benefit of ownership.

You can earn a possible rental income!

As sharing owner you will have the opportunity to make the unutilized usage time available to generate a passive income with a rental return.The Pleasure Bay destination will be marketed to the ultra affluent tourist by the mandated Management Company.

The current cost of a 30 day family holiday in Mozambique Resort:

  • The ultimate question is: How much do you and your family spend on vacation annually?
  • 8 Persons @ R 200.00 per person per day x 30 days
  • (averageds out to contain both in/out of season prices.)
  • = R48 000.00 per year
  • R48 000.00 x 20 years = R940 000.00
  • With no increase in rental tarrifs calculated.


Pleasure Bay offers:

Peak Season 16 Dec - 14 Jan  R 220 000.00  R 233 PM  Sold
High Season 15 Jan - 15 Feb  R 99 000.00  R 233 PM  Available
Maintenance 16 Feb - 20 Feb  -  -  -
Low Season 21 Feb - 22 Mar  R 80 000.00  R 233 PM Available
Peak Season 23 Mar - 21 Apr  R 150 000.00  R 233 PM Sold
High Season 22 Apr - 21 May  R 99 000.00  R 233 PM  Available
High Season 22 May - 21 Jun  R 99 000.00  R 233 PM  Available
Peak Season 22 Jun - 21 Jul  R 150 000.00  R 233 PM  Sold
Low Season 22 Jul - 20 Aug  R 80 000.00  R 233 PM  Available
Low Season 21 Aug - 18 Sep  R 80 000.00  R 233 PM  Available
Peak Season 19 Sep - 18 Oct  R 120 000.00  R 233 PM  Available
Low Season 19 Oct - 17 Nov  R 80 000.00  R 233 PM  Available
Peak Season 18 Nov - 15 Dec  R 120 000.00  R 233 PM  Available

 What are the monthly levies?

Estate levy per sharing owner R 233.00 per month
Electricity Included in estate levy
Water Included in estate levy
Insurance cover- Optional (structural, household ) Included in estate levy
In-house staff salaries Included in estate levy
Repairs and maintenance on roads, water and electricity supply Included in estate levy
Cleaning material Included in estate levy
Security Guards Included in estate levy
Provision for auditors fees Included in estate levy
Repair and Maintenace fund provision for commercial division ( Restaurant etc) Included in estate levy
Local Community fund provision Included in estate levy
Management fee Included in estate levy
Monthly levy per unit R 2 800.00 per month 





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