The well known Lighthouse Reef forms a magnificent bay for snorkeling and with many world renowned reefs within easy striking distance, divers can experience underwater beauty at it's best as these are top rated spots on the African East Coast.

m_scuba-diver-main_full.jpgThe coral garden lies inside the Lighthouse Reef in 2 - 3 meters of water and can be described as one of the finest snorkeling spots of the African East Coast. On a good day, visibility extends to as much as fourty one meters, with thousands of tropical species to be viewed by the entire family.

Jangamo Reef is well known for its incredible whale shark diving opportunities and definitely one of the top places in the world to encounter the majestic whale sharks. Divers are able to dive amongst these amazing gentle giants without a CMAS or other dive qualifications required.

Whale sharks and the odd Humpback Whale are known to be seen all year round though the waters are heavily populated during the Mozambique summer months (September - February). Please note that February is the known time of year for Cyclones, and in case this happens, it has a mojor effect on the visibility as it drops dramatically.

Divers are to be warned and reminded about the rules regarding diving with Whale Sharks, as how close you are allowed to approach these animals as well as touching them. Although Whale Sharks show no threat to divers, they are still extremely powerful sharks and should therefor be respected.

devil_fire_fish.jpgBottlenose dolphins are the most commonly sighted species along our stretch of coastline. They can be incredibly playful and often surf the bow waves of our diving boat. Sometimes allowing us the opportunity to swim amongst them, depending on their mood.

Manta Reef is world famous for the two Manta cleaning stations, first discovered by Carlos do Rocha in the 1960's. Since then this site has attracted marine biologists, cameramen and divers from around the world. Generally the visibility is between 10 and 30 meters (average of 20 meters). The water temperature in the Indian Ocean varies from 23 to 29 'C. All our dive sites feature an abundance of coral and are all reef dives.


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